During this period of coronavirus (COVID-19), we are committed to doing our part in the real estate community to ensure the health and safety of all professionals, parties, and our office staff involved in the real estate transaction process.


We are not aware that any of our staff has coronavirus or has had knowledgeable exposure to the virus. We monitor our staff closely and will require sick staff members to stay home. We practice appropriate social distancing and safe hygiene, including the daily sanitization of conference rooms and workstations. We have sinks readily available with soap and encourage patrons to wash their hands before and after their signing appointments.

In addition to limited interpersonal contact, we are requiring that all funds for closing be wired. We will securely send instructions to the sending party and send confirmation of receipt. Our wire instructions will never change. Note, you are required to verbally verify wire instructions with our staff.


We are arranging for all buyers and sellers to sign separately. This is to help limit the people at the closing table at one time. We encourage limiting people in the closing room to essential people only (i.e. signers and realtors).

You are encouraged to wear a facemask, but it is not required. We have disposable masks and disposable gloves, available on a first come first used basis, for your use in our conference room. As closing documents must be signed in blue ink, you may elect to bring your own blue pen to closing or use one of our new blue pens that we will ask you to keep and take with you.

If you have been COVID-19 or have been exposed, please advise us immediately. We can make arrangements for your closing to limit exposure.


  • Remote Online Notarization for Sellers: All sellers are required to sign notary documents. For sellers with reliable internet access and a webcam with audio/visual capabilities, we offer Remote Online Notarization services that will allow sellers to execute closing documents from their home or office. There is a nominal cost to perform a Remote Online Notarization, whereby each notarized stamp per document costs $25.00. A seller packet usually has about 4-6 notary required documents. This option is not available for buyers.
  • Mail away Closings: For buyers or sellers who prefer to execute documents on their own at their home or office, we can send mail away packets via our secure closing portal, “Qualia”, or send via UPS if time allows. Buyers and sellers would then execute their closing documents with their own notary. All sellers and buyers who are purchasing with a loan, must sign notary documents. We can arrange for a mobile notary as well, which would incur an additional fee that is usually between $100-$250.
  • In Person Closing: Buyers and sellers have options for signing with us at our office, including curbside closing, outdoor signing, and in office closing.
  • Buyer Cash Closing: If you are a buyer purchasing with cash, you can sign all your documents electronically.