I’m planning to sell my Mobile/Manufactured home, how do I identify my home?

In order to properly transfer the title of the mobile/ manufactured to a new buyer, the current owner
must first locate the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN). Please note, double and triple wide mobile/
manufactured homes will have 2 & 3 VIN’s respectively. The VIN number is a unique set of alphanumeric
characters, often 17 characters in length, that uniquely identifies your mobile/ manufactured home’s
construction and owner history.

Consider it as a social security number. The VIN may also be labeled as “Manufacturer’s Serial Number”, they’re both the same. The easiest place to check for your VIN is in
the middle section of your original title. If you can’t locate your title, luckily there are many other places
to check. Don’t be confused by the numbers located on your HUD label. The HUD label is a red or blue
plate riveted to different sections of your mobile home representing construction certifications.

However, some may contain the VIN number, if you see a 17-character alphanumeric set, that is your VIN.
DATA plates, sheets of paper containing mobile/ manufactured home information are the easiest way to
obtain VIN information. Common areas to check for this is your master bedroom closet on the wall, on
the back door or wall of a kitchen sink cabinet, the back door of your mobile home or inside the circuit
breaker/electrical box. Additionally, if you have homeowner’s insurance, check your policy for the VIN. If
you still cannot locate it, next to check is the exterior cross member where it meets the tow hitch. If your
home has siding, all of it must be removed around the tow point to access the next location. The Tow
point should resemble a triangular shape, and the cross member parallel to the mobile/manufactured
home and meeting the tow beams will contain an engraved VIN or plate. Check all metal beams in this
section by the tow hitch in case yours is located on a different beam.